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Latoya Schurle
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English, German
174 cm (5' 8")
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About me

I'm totally clueless as to how to make this interesting, so I guess I'll just stick to the basics as much as a possible..

I'm caring understanding, playful and impulsive that I may show it to those people i consider special- friends, family and that one special person.. I'm career-driven and focused on achieving purpose because i sincerely believe that there's so much more to be gotten out of life especially if we find us..

I'm a construction Engineer and into real estates and my job takes me places round the country and sometimes outside.. traveling often has given a deeper sense of appreciation of the finer things of life and makes me realize that above all, life is not just complete without that one person that makes living not just a routine but the best gift ever..

Living it...trying to make the most out of life, because the opportunity to see the world away from our sometimes slanted view has given me a whole new perspective and makes me to realize now more than ever before that life's too precious to be endured and that each day is a gift that should be enjoyed to the fullest...

I like putting things it a construction site, a party, luncheon.. I just love it when things come together

I spend a lot of time thinking what it means to live a life of purpose and the fact that in our quest for happiness, we're obsessed with clarity...but what if..just maybe the truth's a blur?

You can message me if you think life's special enough to make a go at finding something truly wonderful

First thing you notice about me is my hair, my demeanor, blue eyes..

In terms of favorites, Ben Carson's gifted hands and big picture, Nelson Demille's Gold coast, mafia manager...Troy, man in the iron mask, coming to America, Rn'B, soft rock and a bit of jazz...and so on

I love romantic comedies. Some classics.
Pretty Woman
Gone With The Wind
When Harry Met Sally
You've Got Mail
My Big, Fat Greek Wedding

For television its Glee, The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy, and Castle.

Classic rock, opera and classical, jazz, some country, and show tunes.
Love any music that I can get up and dance.

I enjoy seafood, Italian, Asian, American, French foods, to name but a few. I always enjoy a cozy coffee nook, a charming bistro, a great diner, or an elegant restaurant.

Some things i also love are: Love, Family, friends, work, sunshine,

On a friday night, usually it could be spent out with friends, or just quietly trying to rest after the exertions of the week..

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